02 March 2008

Ginger 1.4 released

I've just made the latest release of Ginger available on SourceForge.net. This version removes the code that was deprecated in version 1.3, cleans up a few comments (to fix references to the old "Point" classes and methods that got held over from Lynx, Ginger's predecessor). I've also replaced use of the StringBuffer class with the StringBuilder class that was introduced in Java 5, and done some other general code cleanup (nothing that affects the way it works, though - it's fully backward compatible with Ginger 1.3).

This is likely to be the final version of Ginger, as it appears to work just fine and I see no need to add or change anything more at this time. I want to change gears a bit and start working on one or two other small packages I have in mind for the Bohemia project.