06 November 2007

The Bohemia Project

Lynx is renamed and moved to SourceForge.net

The last stable release of Lynx was version 5.4. For what was intended to be version 5.5, I decided on some rather far-reaching changes that stemmed from using the package to build some applications. As I was making the changes I thought of other changes to simplify the internal data structures and the API.

In the end, the changes would make 5.5 incompatible with applications developed for 5.4 and earlier. My first thought was to renumber the updated package as Lynx 6.0, but instead I decided to rename the package and make it available on SourceForge.net. Among other things, I have no way of knowing how many copies of Lynx were downloaded from the CodeXombie site because there were no tools to gather those stats; SourceForge includes those tools so I can keep tabs on how much interest there is.

I've had ideas for several lightweight packages that would help with developing web applications, and rather than setting up several separate SourceForge projects, I took a leaf from the Apache book; I've created one umbrella project to encompass all these related packages.

And so I'm pleased to announce the inception of The Bohemia Project, and as its first downloadable product what was going to be Lynx 6.0 is now Ginger 1.0.

There's also a downloadable demo that uses the new package - it's a functional application but its primary function is to show source code written to use the Ginger API, and how to set up the configuration XML file.

The older Lynx packages have been removed from the CodeXombie web site and the links have been updated to point to the new home on SourceForge.

I'll continue to post here about updates and new packages as they happen.



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