05 September 2007

New Lynx version available now

Lynx 5.2 is available for download

A new version of Lynx is now available for download from my main site. The new version should be compatible with version 5.1, so if you have existing servlets written with the older version they should work without changes.

Version 5.2 adds support for forward references so it's no longer necessary to define the points in "reverse order", as it were. It also means that you can set up LogicPoints in a way that implements loops and branches.

The other major change is that you can now define your Points configuration in a Properties file instead of having to hard-code the calls. This makes it easier to see your configuration.

There are also a handful of smaller changes. For full details see the (new) third page of the Lynx tutorial, which describes the changes in detail together with examples of use.



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