30 November 2007

New Ginger Version Released

Version 1.1 is now available

The new version adds three new attributes to render command configuration; these allow control of content-type, character set encoding and also allow for a 'no-render' mode of operation in which the final rendering phase is not performed. This makes it possible for a render command to set up the HTTP response with a redirection URL or an error code return, without needing to specify a superfluous template to be rendered.

The demo application has also undergone a facelift and adds the ability to switch between HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The primary purpose of this isn't to make the demo any more functional; it's so that developers can read the source code to see how it's done under Ginger.

Last, the Quick Start manual has been updated to include the changes.

See the Bohemia home page for full details.



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