09 August 2007

CodeXombie.com is alive!

More Java content than I can post here

I've moved my domain, CodeXombie.com to new hosting and while I was at it I've completely rewritten the whole thing. The colours and images need some work, but it'll do for now and I'll be tidying the presentation up as time goes on.

Java Planet will continue to be the place I post code snippets, tricks and tips, while the new site will be the place for complete packages, lightweight frameworks and so on.

To start things off I've placed a link to JSpasm, which is a small but pretty complete package for developing applications based on state machines. Since JSpasm is hosted on SourgeForge.net I didn't see the point of having copies on the new site, so there's minimal information about that.

I've also put up my Lynx package. Lynx is a lightweight alternative to Struts and JSP that's designed for small web applications. It gives you complete Model/View separation, using Velocity for the presentation side. I've included a two-page tutorial to get you started. Take a look!